How to Secure a Congo Tourist Visa in 2023: DR Congo Gorilla

How to secure a Congo Tourist Visa in 2023 which allows you access into the DR Congo to Virunga National Park. How to secure a Congo Tourist Visa is obtained from any accredited Congolese Consulate.

The Congo Tourist Visa offers you entry along the various Ports in the Democratic Republic of Congo and this can be obtained before you travel. Reach the Embassy of the Democratic Republic of Congo and book your Congo Tourist Visa o enjoy Safaris in the DR Congo as you track the Mountain Gorillas of Virunga National Park, Eastern Lowland Gorillas of Kahuzi Biega and hike the majestic Mountain Nyiragongo Volcano.

In order to achieve entry, you must have a valid Passport, Visa and World Health Organization Card as well as a yellow Fever Vaccination. The Congo Tourist Visa costs US $115 per person interested.

How to secure a Congo Tourist Visa

Qualifications for a Congo Tourist Visa

In order to get the Congo Tourist Visa into the DR Congo you must qualify to get it so as to travel and enjoy unique encounters in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Below are the requirements you MUST have to get the Tourist Visa.
• You MUST purchase a valid Mountain Gorilla trekking Permit to Virunga National Park.
• You MUST Pay/ Book an Overnight stay at the Mikeno Lodge
Procedure for verifying the Receipt of the Congo Tourist Visa

After receiving conformation of your Gorilla Trekking permit or Accommodation booking as well as the order number that comes with the booking confirmation.

Immediately we get the order number, the Online Visa Application process will begin as you will be required to fill in the fields on the form. After filling in the details, you will submit the form.