Mountain Nyiragongo Volcano: Hiking Tours in DR Congo 2023

Mountain Nyiragongo Volcano: Hiking Tours in DR Congo 2023 are very exciting in Virunga. Mountain Nyiragongo Volcano: Hiking Tours in DR Congo 2023 are booked as you contact a skilled personnel to draft you the Safari Adventure of your dreams in the DR Congo.

Mountain Nyiragongo Volcano is located within Virunga National Park in the DR Congo and is one of the active Strato Volcano in the world. It is elevated at about of 3,470 m (11,380 ft) and located approximately 20 kilometers North of Goma Town and Lake Kivu as well as west of Rwanda.

It is remarkable climbing to the top of this volcano as it offers stunning views of the green vegetation terrain, bird species and small wildlife mammals. It comprises of a main Crater which stretches to 2 kilometers wide with two different cooled lave benches one at about 3,175 m (10,417 ft) and another at 2,975 m (9,760 ft). It comprises of Lava making it the most voluminous Lava Lake in the world.

The Lava is fond of spewing into thin sky appearing to be red hot hence offering remarkable views of the Mountain in the late evenings and Nights.

Mountain Nyiragongo Hiking/ Climbing Process

Mt. Nyiragongo Volcano CongoHiking the beautiful Mountain Volcano is one of the most adventurous tours all travelers from all over the globe can take on while on safari holiday in Africa. You will transfer from the busy town of Goma to the kibati Patrol Post in Virunga national Park. You will meet other hikers, interact make friends then later be briefed on the Dos and don’ts before climbing to the top of the majestic prominent Mountain Volcano.

After Briefing, you will transfer with experienced Ranger Guides and porters (booked according to your preference) ascending to the top of the Volcano. You will hike for a period of 4-6 hours depending on the physical fitness of the group and en-route; enjoy views of the green vegetation terrain, wildlife species and birds. After a while climbing, you will reach the summit and watch lave spewing into the sky and when you get here, take numerous photos to keep for memories about your hiking adventure. After your adventure, take some rest and spend your overnight as you stay in summit shelters.

Where to stay at Mountain Nyiragongo Volcano

While at the top of Mountain Nyiragongo Volcano, hikers will spend the night in the summit shelters. These are cabins built at the top of the volcano and comprise of two beds on which hikers can rest for the night after their challenging hike. They are 12 in number and can be occupied by two people per cabin. Do not worry about where to sleep while hiking to the top for you are well covered.
You should carry your sleeping bags to spend the night for there are no mattresses to sleep on.

What to Carry for your Mountain Nyiragongo Hike

Planning a Hiking Tour to Mountain Nyiragongo Volcano, we recommend you carry the necessary hiking gear as we below to enjoy every encounter you will experience as you hike to the top.

• A Rain Jacket
• Hiking/ Trekking Boots
• Sweater
• Hiking/ Gardening Gloves
• Cap/ Hat
• Good Camera
• Long sleeved Shirts/ T-shirts
• Long Pants not jeans
• Bottled Water

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