Top Travel Tips to follow on Safari in Uganda 2023

Top Travel Tips to follow on Safari in Uganda 2023 give you an insight on how to enjoy safaris in Uganda. Top Travel Tips to follow on Safari in Uganda are informative for all travelers from all over the world looking to explore and visit Uganda.

Planning to transfer to Uganda for remarkable Safari Tour Adventures, we recommend you follow through the following travel tips to enjoy safari Adventures in Uganda at the various Safari Destinations. The activities include; Gorilla Trekking at Bwindi Forest National Park and Mgahinga National Park, Chimpanzee Tracking at Kibale Forest National Park, Kyambura Gorge, Kalinzu Forest and Budongo Forest at Kaniyo Pabidi Eco Tourism Site.

Weather in Uganda

Uganda is located suitably along the equator hence having Tropical Climate with both dry and wet seasons throughout the year. However, the weather is convenient with warmth in the lowland areas and coolness in the hilly regions around the country.

Temperature in Uganda

Uganda experiences the Sunny season with temperatures rising above 29 degrees and the average temperatures are about 26 degrees Celsius. The maximum temperatures range between 18- 31 degrees where as the minimum ranging between 15-23 degrees according to the region.

Best Time to Visit Uganda

Gorilla Trekking at BwindiUganda can be visited anytime around the year according to the schedule of the traveler however travelers should be aware of the season depending on what they wish to experience on holiday tour.

The Rainy season is during the months of March to May and October to November then the short rains fall in the months of November and December. The Dry season is during the months of December to February & June to August.

The Rain amounts range between 500mm to 2500 mm & the relative humidity is 70% -100%.

Using Cell phones

As you plan your travel and safari in Uganda, we recommend you to have a valid cell phone to enable you communicate with your loved ones as well as the Tour Operator Agency with which you booked with. Some Agencies provide these on arrival after booking your safari with them but after your trip, you are required to give the phones back. These will help you in times of emergencies and help when contacting the Tour Operators.

Best Place to Exchange your Money

Uganda is a country where numerous currencies can be used for transaction however, the official currency used in the country are Ugandan Shillings. There are numerous ATMs around the country and these provide cash 24/7 as well as various Foreign exchanges that help with changing currencies. We exchange all kinds of currency notes from around the globe.


Tipping in Uganda is not compulsory travelers are free to tip whoever they wish to tip depending on the services they get. The tips are given according to the traveler’s preferences. These tips are given in restaurants, after a certain safari activity like Gorilla Trekking, Chimpanzee tracking etc, community encounters etc. You can tip any amount of money depending on your satisfaction after a service.

What Vaccination do I need in Uganda?

Due to the location of Uganda close to the equator, the climate comprising of the rainy season and dry season occurs annually hence mosquito bleeding is inevitable making malaria a common disease around the various parts of the country. We urge all travelers transferring on safari tour in Uganda to carry anti malarial drugs/ vaccinations to stay safe from malaria. You are advised to also travel with other drugs/ vaccines to take in case you got an infection/ disease while on your safari in Uganda.

What is food around Uganda?

Uganda is a very good destination to adventure in Africa due to the numerous safari attractions with delicious food that can b enjoyed at the various restaurants in the different regions in the country. There is variety of dishes to enjoy in Uganda and these vary from local/ traditional to international to cater for every traveler’s tastes and preferences. Don’t forget to enjoy/ taste the food in Uganda.

How safe is it to travel to Uganda

Uganda is a peaceful country with numerous safety rules and laws implemented to protect the lives of the citizens and other tourists. The police stations/ posts are in various points around the country to ensure safety and peace in the many regions. Traffic officers are along the numerous roads so in case of any emergencies/ help you can reach them and they will provide you with solutions.

What Time Zone is Uganda?

Uganda is on the East African Time zone which is GMT+3.