Rwanda Gorilla Trekking: (Budget Gorilla Tours in Rwanda 2023)

Rwanda Gorilla trekking is very exciting as you trek the Mountain Gorillas in Volcanoes National Park. Rwanda Gorilla Trekking includes trekking Gorillas for 3-5 hours in their natural forest vegetation habitat.

Africa has always been the best place to visit and the great destination to see Apes in their natural habits, ranging from the big mountain Gorillas in Rwanda to other primates like the chimpanzees and monkeys of Nyungwe Forest National Park and Volcanoes National Park.

Gorilla Trekking at BwindiGorillas are only found on the Virunga belt in the northern province of Rwanda a distance of about 3hrs northwest of Rwanda’s capital Kigali. Part of the Virunga ranges ie Muhabura, Mgahinga, Sabyinyo, Bisoke and Karisimbi that make one of Africa’s oldest national parks Volcanoes national park a home to the great apes.

Early very morning, tracking parties that acquired tracking permits are briefed on the Do’s and Don’ts of the tracking process from the park headquarters in Kinigi. Then distributed to various habituated gorilla families accordingly. This park lies in the most fertile region of the country. During the 50s, a big part on the park’s land was gazetted to pave way for pyrethrum farming so distribution of gorilla families is limited to higher lands of the park.

Most habituated gorilla families live close to the 3000-meter mark hence making it physically more demanding to see them so one has to be in good shape or else “the trackers chopper”- a genius idea of a woven basket like platform on poles used in emergencies might come handy. Tracking of gorillas is between 2 to 8hrs in general!

Most popular groups in Rwanda’s volcanoes national park include- Susa, Umubano, agasya ( the one with twin sub adult gorillas) kwitonda, Isabukuru, sabyinyo, etc

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