Lake Bunyonyi: (Budget Canoeing & Boat Cruises in Uganda 2023)

Lake Bunyonyi: (Budget Canoeing & Boat Cruises in Uganda 2023) are ideal to do at Lake Bunyonyi Uganda. Lake Bunyonyi: (Budget Canoeing & Boat Cruises in Uganda 2023) are reliable, affordable for all travelers from all over the world.

Lake Bunyonyi is located in the South Western Part of Uganda in a region between Kisoro and Kabale near the Rwanda Border. The Lake comprises of 29 different Islands with 2 prominent ones i.e Bushara Island and Punishment Island. It is situated kilometers west of Kabale Town with two towns along the shores i.e Kyevu and Muko. The main Islands along the Lake include; Akampene Island, Kyahungye Island, Bwama and Njuyeera Island, Bucuranuka Island, etc.

Activities to do at Lake Bunyonyi

At Lake Bunyonyi, travelers can take on various Tourist Activities which vary from Boat Riding, Canoeing, Swimming, etc.

Bird watching

Bird Watching is one of the prominent Safari Activities carried out around the forest trails/ vegetation at Lake Bunyonyi due to the numerous species of birds that fly from one place to another. The Birds you will see include; White tailed blue monard, African Harrier Hawk, grey crowned cranes, Herons, egrets, the cardinal woodpecker, the levillant cuckoo, slender-billed baglafetch, weavers, levillant cuckoo etc.

Nature Walks

Nature Walks at lake Bunyonyi are also another adventurous safari activity travelers can take on due to the remarkable encounters it offers like bird watching, Green vegetation terrain experiences as well as primate watching. You will spot various monkeys playing and jumping within the tree branches, birds and the local people around Lake Bunyonyi.


For travelers interested in Swimming can also have an exceptional adventure of the waters of one of Africa’s deepest Lakes. The experience is exceptional and worth taking on. You will get refreshed, physically fit and initial for your safari tour around Uganda.

Boat Cruise/ Canoeing

Boat cruises/ canoeing is another activity which offers you remarkable sightings of numerous bird species, Islands on the Lake as well as the green vegetation terrain. These can be organized both during day and in the Night. In the night, the cruise will offer you sightings of the nocturnal primates and wildlife animals and birds.

Cultural Encounters

Lake Bunyonyi also offers remarkable Cultural Encounters to all travelers as they visit the nearby local villages and people that inhabit the region close to the Lake. You will visit the pygmy local people so as to know more about their livelihood around the Lake. You will be entertained through Music, Dance and Drama.

Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking is another activity travelers can take on while at Lake Bunyonyi as they cycle/ bike to the nearby hills around the Lake. The experience is remarkable as it offers scenic views at the scenery, vegetation terrain and bird species.

Zip Lining

Zip Lining is another safari activity carried out at the Lake and this involves transferring from one point of the Lake to another on a rope with the lake beneath. Transfer to Lake Bunyonyi to experience this amazing Adventure.

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