How to Secure a Rwanda Visa in 2023: (Immigration & Visas)

How to Secure a Rwanda Visa in 2023 includes having a valid passport, Documentation, & follow up. How to Secure a Rwanda Visa in 2023 is very ideal and possible for all travelers from all over the globe interested in exploring and visiting the various safari destinations in Rwanda like Volcanoes National ParkAkagera National Park.

If you are planning to transfer to Rwanda, Passports and Visas are a MUST have for as long as you are travelling from any other country around the Globe.


In Rwanda, Passports are valid for six months from the time you access Rwanda and these MUST have a blank page for stamps. You will be required to provide these at the various entry points for example the Kigali International Airport and border points.


Just like the passports, all travelers into Rwanda are required to provide their Visas on arrival to enjoy the best Safari tours in Rwanda. You will present the Visa along with a Valid Yellow Fever Vaccination Card/ Certificate so as not to be inconvenienced.

A single Visa Entry is provided to all Nationals that do not have a Rwanda Embassy in their country. The Visa provided on arrival costs US $50 per person.

How to secure a Rwanda Visa

Validity of the Visa
Multiple Entry/ Tourist Visa takes – 90 Days
Single Entry Visa takes –30 Days
East African Tourist Visa takes-Multiple entries within three months

Transit Visas are valid for 72 hours

Application for the Visa

The Visas are applied through contacting the Consulate in Rwanda (Consular Section at Embassy/ High Commission).
Note; You must show proof of the sufficient funds you are going to use during your stay in Rwanda as you apply for the Visa.

Visa Extension

If you are planning on extending your Visa in Rwanda, you MUST apply to the Directorate General of Immigration and Emigration of Kigali before expiration of your previous Visa. After the visa expiring, you are given a grace period of 5 Days to renew it but if the 5 Days end, you are legible to pay a fine or get denied a further Visa.