How to Book a Congo Gorilla Permit for Gorilla Trekking

As its well known that democratic republic of congo ranks among the top gorilla trekking safari destinations in Africa after rwanda and Uganda, plan an exploratory safari adventure in either Virunga National Park for mountain gorilla trekking or kahuzi Biega National Park for eastern lowland gorillas

The congo gorilla permits are sold by ICCN ( government agency responsible for the parks & conversations projects in democratic republic of congo) and gorilla tours and permits can be discounted as travelers offers gorilla trekking trips for ultimate safari experience , Congo has the cheapest gorilla permit compared to the cost of Uganda and rwanda.

How to See the Mountain Gorillas on a Budget in Congo

Even though the DRC is the cheapest country in the world to see mountain gorillas in the wild, it’s not a budget destination by any definition of the word. Congo Gorilla Permits are $400 (they’re $600 in Uganda and $1500 in Rwanda) and for that price, you’ll be allowed to spend one hour with the gorillas although there are gorilla habituation safaris in kahuzi biega national park.